Hi I'm Cindy!

I was raised in Algarve, Portugal from where I have my love for the great weather, beach lifestyle and love for simple things. I moved to Barcelona, Spain to pursue my tennis career. Tennis gave me so much in so many different levels that I can’t even explain. However, one of the things that I hope that I will be able to share with you through this blog is the love for sports, healthy lifestyle and knowledge of quality sports clothes. 

During my university, I started to be more and more into sustainability, I made a big change in my life in order to become a more sustainable person. I have changed my diet to pescetarian, I have reduced plastic at its max and I have changed my purchase habits in order to try to reduce my footprint. I am really looking forward to sharing the knowledge related to this topic with you. 

My other big love is travelling. I moved around Europe all my life, by this age I lived already in 4 different countries, so replying from where I am is always tricky.

As I was born in Romania, raised in Portugal, lived my teenage life in Spain, did part of my university studies in Romania, moved to Austria for a job opportunity. So you can see where I struggle. Even though this life doesn’t come without a sacrifice I love every bit of it.

What motivated me to start this blog was the fact that I wanted to make people more aware of the sustainable options that one has out there when it comes to clothing in general. 

The second big reason I started this is to help people become more sustainable without feeling the pressure to make drastic changes in their life and feeling guilty if one is not willing to give up something that might not be as sustainable. 

I believe that it is hard to be 100% sustainable, but at the end of the day, who is? What we can try is to be as aware as possible on how our actions are affecting our environment and surrounding and then just try to reduce it as much as we can. In short, to be a better version of ourselves for our communities and our planet.  

I hope that this blog will provide you interesting knowledge that helps you grow personally and encourages you to have a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.