Eco-Conscious Athletic Wear

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We are living in a world where athletic wear or activewear no matter what you want to call it, has become more than just an outfit that one wears for a sports activity. 

It has become not just something fashionable going to meet your friend at a coffee place with a cool pair of leggings and a cute comfy sweater but it also has become our easy going outfit when we are just chilling at home or we have to run fast to buy some groceries. 

If we take a look at the global revenue for sports apparel for the past 9 years we can see an increase of 53 billions US dollars, according statistica, but it won’t stop there some forecasts expects a increase in the five years to come of another 19 billions US dollars, making the apparel sports a 207.79 Billion dollar industry. Even though this is great news for business and employment, it is not necessarily good news for the environment if we continue to manufacture and use our resources the way we do currently. 

Ladies and Gentlemen I hope that with this article I will motivate you to consider other more sustainable brands for the next time you want to purchase a cool sporty outfit. 

Outdoor Voices

Located in: The USA, Texas 

Perfect for: Both man and women 

Price Range: $ – $

Sustainable actions: 

  • The brand is reducing the use of conventional raw materials by replacing it with sustainable alternatives.
  • Some of the fabrics the brand uses are the following: RecPoly, Ethical sourced wool (Merino) and Recycled wool
  • Packaging is made 100% out of recycled materials. 
  • Outdoor Voices is generating funds to educate around sustainability, carbon offsetting and conservation. 


Cool sustainable/ethical aspects: 

  • The reason why I love the brand is because it is very transparent and honest. They know that they are on the right track but they also know that there are still things to be improved. I respect the fact that they don’t try to hide that. 
  • They think of sustainability as a whole, not only for their manufacturing. Check out their website for more. 

“Recreationalist faves designed to get you out and moving. Because a little fresh air can go a long way” 


Located in: Canada, Vancouver 

Perfect for: both women and men 

Price Range: $-$

Sustainable actions: 

  • Brand uses the following materials: TENCEL, Recycled Polyester, Organic Cotton, Hemp.
  • For their packaging the brand uses roll packing shipments from their manufacturer to eliminate polybags and use FSC-certified recycled for all inserts. 
  • Every Item you purchase ten trees are planted, in case you didn’t understand why the brand was called tentree.
  • They have a close relationship with their factories to make sure that standards are reached and the workers are treated well. 
  • The brand uses 75% less water than the majority of the sweatshirts on the market.


Cool sustainable/ethical aspects: 

  • The brand has planted 53.893.732 trees until now and their goal is to plant 1 billion trees by 2030! Let’s try to help make this a reality. 
  • The brand is extremely transparent related to their factories, if you want to check them you can on their website.

“We believe that big changes starts small” 

Nature Hommage

Located in: Bali 

Perfect for: Women

Price Range: $

Sustainable actions: 

  • The brand’s collections is made out of ECONYL generated from recycled Nylon
  • The Government of Indonesia exempted their manufacturer as they have fulfilled all regulations on employee treatment, waste disposal and sanitation. 
  • By each sold item the brand donates to PlasticBank which with each donation it helps recycle 80 ocean bound plastic bottles. 


Cool sustainable/ethical aspects:

  • In order to avoid waste the brand donates any left-overs fabrics from the manufacturing to local charity-based groups who after remakes them into saleable goods. 
  • They create minimalist pieces that are made to perform well during your sports and that doesn’t make you go out of style in the next season. 
  • The brand believes in slow fashion, just like they say and I couldn’t agree more: “There is no Planet B”

“We believe in a better world of fashion where the fad era is over by creating pieces that nourish the planet’s health and future.”

These brands are truly trying to make a change in the sports apparel industry in very different ways which I think is simply awesome. That however doesn’t make them any less stylish, less innovative and as equal functional as any other brand that doesn’t care about the negative impact that their manufacturing is creating. 

I hope I motivated you to check these three great brands out when you are in need of new sporty clothes because they are worth it! 

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