Plant-based running shoe

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Yes, you read it correctly! Reebok is launching its first plant-based shoe.  

I was also quite confused and at the same time curious when I first heard. I didn’t even think that this could be possible to do it, but reebok made it happen! 

Reebok has been putting a lot of effort into sustainability, they have been using natural and recycled material on some of their new products to try to reduce the massive footprint that the sports clothing industry has created. 

Their new plant-based shoes (Forever Floatride Glow) is the updated version of their award-winning Forever Floatride Energy shoe. Reebok believed that an even better idea and more sustainable, than using recycled material to create shoes would be to create shoes that are made from things that grow.

Now you might be thinking… all this sounds great and crazy at the same time but what is the shoe actually made of? 

So, unlike most of the running shoes in the market that are made out of petroleum, Forever Floatride Grow is made out of 4 key ingredients: algae sockliner, a eucalyptus upper, natural rubber outsole and castor beans. 

Because they did not just want to create a pretty shoe that would make the shoe owners look cool when they say to their friends that their shoe is a plant-based shoe… 

It took them 3 years to create it, they want to make sure that the shoe performs well for run lovers and has a minimalist look to it. 

I have to admit something, I was never a fan of that outfit look with a combination of running shoes and jeans or shorts, but I love the design of this running shoe so much that I am now considering to be one of these people that wears running shoes with jeans. 

I am also extremely curious about how the shoe performs and the price that the brand will ask for it. 

I hope that they will go for more or less the price that they went with the previous pair because that will push also other brands to consider more sustainable choices when producing their footwear. 

“The earth is a runner’s arena, and we have a responsibility to help detox the world for the athletes who run in it,” said Matt O’Toole, Reebok Brand President. 

People, in general, are becoming more aware and conscious about their choices and how they are affecting the environment, you can see a shift from what people eat to what they wear to work or to their sports activity. 

That’s why the only way that companies can still be successful in the long run is by adapting to the customers’ needs, it won’t be easy as an investment in new technology has to be made and creativity has to be at it’s best! However, I can see that Reebok is one of those companies after reading the statement made by the Brand President:

“Our consumers have told us they want more sustainable products, and the running community has been the most vocal and passionate on this issue. We want to help runners perform at their best, while also feeling good about the products they wear.”

If you are also searching for sustainable activewear, checkout the article on Eco-Conscious Athletic Wear

What do you think about this new shoe? Are you curious to give it a try?

21 thoughts on “Plant-based running shoe”

  1. Didn’t know that shoes could be made with those materials, it’s quite impressive that they were able to create this, and as a bonus, the shoe looks AWESOME!

  2. Oh my!! I doubt anyone saw this coming!
    It’s fantastic how following your blog we get to stay at the top of all industry trends. Super grateful for the wonderful leads you throw our way!

  3. Hi Cindy!

    Have you had a look at the Veja Running Shoes or the On Running shoe rental system? Could fit very well in blog posts like this 🙂

  4. How great is that? Very interesting stuff, i would never imagine they could do such a thing, as a nature lover that idea just made my day!

    1. I also hope so Lexy! However there many other brands that took amazing initiative for their sneakers creation. Make sure to check the to come because I will be sharing more.

    1. Me to Daniela! This proves that brands can create products in a more sustainable way for a similar price and that helps the athlete as much as a product that would have a way bigger environment impact.

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