Sustainability in fashion

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Today I want to tell you more about what sustainable actions we could take in fashion to reduce our footprint. I know I know, that’s not necessarily the fun part of fashion but is truly important. Sustainability in fashion should be everyones concern. 

I don’t want to come to you with a bunch of statistics on how the fashion industry is harming the environment. Why not? Because most probably after you finish reading you will forget the numbers anyway and to be honest that wouldn’t help you or the environment at all. 

What I want to do, on the other hand, is advising you about some small actions you could take that might create an impact in the long run. 

4 actions you can take:

1. Fashionable & Sustainable 

You might think that owning a trendy closet and being sustainable might not be something that goes hand to hand. Now, you can have both! More and more companies are investing in leasing. You can rent that dress that you wanted for that specific occasion or you can rent that outfit that you know that in a couple of months you will probably not wear it anymore. Why spend so much money on clothes that you wear just a couple of times that on top of it occupies all that space in your closet? 

These are some of the companies out there that gives you the option to always have new fashionable items that make you look good: 


Change happens through small, repeatable actions

 Infinitely LOFT

Loft’s purpose is to be broadly embrassing positive force for women – loving, inspiring and championing her optomistic emotional approach to life

Style Passport Banana republic

Style passport will drive incremental revenue and help us connect with younger shoppers who appreciate great style and want an affordable, sustainable way to try new fashion

New York and Company Closet 

New Yor and Company exists to make women look great and feel good. We make our customers feel confident, put together, attractive and fashioned-right

       2. Where are your clothes made?

Some clothes from brands like Zara, Mango and H&M, are coming from countries like China and Bangladesh but others come from Portugal and Spain. You never know how people in countries like Bangladesh are treated as they don’t have the same standard in the factories, some are forced to work extremely long hours and with horrible conditions. Obviously, that’s not your fault or mine but I believe that if any of us would have the power to stop this we would. That’s why it is important to take a look at where the item is made, you don’t necessarily have to stop buying from that brand but you can choose to buy the products made in countries like Portugal that treat their labor better. 

      3. Buy less but Better quality

I guess this is not something new, right? Buying quality clothes over cheaper options is always a better deal. If you buy what you really like, you want that to last, you don’t want the item to be broken after a season. I am not saying that you have to buy everything expensive to last you a lifetime but chose what’s worth your money. Here are some items that is worth my money, maybe it’s worth yours as well:

  • Shoes – better quality means that they will also be more comfortable. Who wants to wear high heels that make them cry every time they take it off? 
  • Winter coats – having quality winter coats means that you will not feel cold in winter if you live in a cold country and that you can wear it for many years. 
  • Any item that you really like and that you have been buying for years now is worth your money. In my case, it’s a black leather jacket. It never gets out of fashion for me. 


      4. Supporting sustainable brands

Supporting doesn’t mean that you buy from them every week but you can share on social media their new collection or you can talk to your friends about it, word of mouth is very powerful especially for a smaller business. 

Companies that think in a sustainable way:

Thought Clothing 

Though Clothing is a great example of a fashion brand that cares for the environment. As a brand they believe that there is a “there are more sustainable ways to live, dress and be”. 

People Tree

People Tree is another great example of a brand that cares about the trade fair in fashion and are taking constant initiatives on how to reduce the impact that fashion creates. 

In case you are interested in more sustainable brands, checkout the article on Sustainable American Brands

These are some tips that I found that could help you feel better about your purchase and make a difference, is not to criticize others.  

Please let me know if you do any of them and feel free to share with me other companies that you think that does a great job in reducing the negative footprint of the fashion industry. 

10 thoughts on “Sustainability in fashion”

  1. It is truly important to live a sustainable lifestyle. Thank you for reminding me that sustainability in fashion is part of it!

  2. I had a period when fashion wasn’t my type, if I can say, but now I’m so interested in all what fashion means and this article of you made me to think how important is to buy with mind and not just because you like it or beachside it have a little price. Thank you for all the information

    1. Fashion is something that attracts many of us, and there is nothing wrong with that, however I believe that we can try to implement small steps that forces the industry to become more sustainable.

  3. Thank you! Is a great example of a fashion brands that cares for the environment, I hope that in the future more brands well be!!!

    1. There are brands out there that try to change the industry and I believe that as a consumer we should support that. Not only by buying from them but by spreading the word. You can subscribe to my newsletter to be informed about the latest brands that are trying to make a difference.

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