Sustainable no matter what sports you do

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Sports are a big part of our lives, some of you might be yoga lovers, some might be running addicts and some of you simply like to take a trip to the mountain to disconnect from the stressful week.  

No matter what sports you do, we should be aware of the sustainable sportswear options that we can find in the market. Why is it so important to know if our apparel is sustainable?

  1. Because the current impact of the apparel and footwear industry is 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, almost as much as the European Union.
  2. Choosing brands that invest in organic cotton, recycled fabrics and water-saving techniques help lower the environmental impact. 

I might be a dreamer, but I believe that if our choices become more eco-friendly we will also see brands coming up with better recycling methods, shifting to renewable energy and inventing smarter designs. 

The brands I will share with you here, are a great example of that. 

Picture Organic Clothing – surfing & snowboarding brand 

“We created Picture Organic Clothing with the desire to inspire an eco-friendly lifestyle through our passion for boardsports. Our mission is to develop next-generation products that will help the fight against climate change.”  says the founders Julien, Jeremy & Vincent

This pretty much summarises why this great brand is in this business. Now let’s take a look at all the good things they do to achieve their mission:

  • They use 92% organic cotton
  • They were able to reduce 46% carbon emission 
  • 69% of their technical apparel comes from recycled bottles, with this action they were able to reduce 40% carbon emission.
  • They were able to change the old way of doing snow jackets (which required petrol extraction), by implementing a bio sourcing process. This means creating fabric partially made by plant material like sugar care. At the moment 30% of their apparel is made with this technique but they would like to expand that in the short term. 
  • 100% of their wool and leather comes from ethical farming                    

They also encourage customers to purchase a second-hand product instead of buying a new one, meanwhile, they are investing in bio-recycling which means that after you don’t want the item anymore they could recycle it and they would create a new product from the same fabrics.

Let’s hope they will be able to implement this soon! 






Patagonia – outdoors brand

Patagonia is definitely for all those hiking and climbing lovers! So are you guys ready to know why next time you need to purchase a new item, Patagonia should be one of the brands that you should consider? 

Patagonia claims that they are in business to save our planet. 

With the business, the voice and the community they have, they try to do the maximum they can to reduce the climate crisis. 

They are activists and not afraid to show what they care for. To help the planet they came up with the self-imposed Earth tax, 1%of their sales goes directly to support nonprofit entities that make a difference in their local communities. It’s always a good feeling knowing that by purchasing a product you are also contributing to a good cause. 

Quality production is the main focus area for them, as they want to increase their product life span as much as possible, on the other hand, to reduce the mass consumption, they also have a second-hand website called worn wear, where you can trade-in your used item and then get paid so you can buy another new or used Patagonia item. 

In case you don’t want to purchase a new item and you also got attached to the one you have, then just take it to the closest store and they will be able to fix it for you! Patagonia’s long term goal is to reach 100% renewable and recycled raw materials, they are planning to do so by using both synthetic and natural fibres made from pre-consumers and post-consumer waste. At the moment 72% of their line is made out of recycled materials! 




Reebok – Running brand

Thankfully there are many brands out there that started to create more sustainable shoes for runners. However, what I love about Reebok, is that they didn’t just invest in creating eco-friendly shoes but they also created a line for runners that are made from sustainable fabrics.
Now let’s take a look at how Reebok is making a difference: 

  • 30% of their items are made from recycled materials. 
  • Apparel is made with zero virgin polyesters, which means that they are using recycled fibres to create their clothesline. 
  • They use Eucalyptus bark for a durable upper
  • Castor oil to make the midsole. 
  • Bloom algae to create a new kind of insole 
  • Natural rubber to give flexibility to the outsole

“Reebok is trying to clean up the entire life cycle of shoemaking: from what shoes are made of to where they end up,” says Bill McInnis, vice president of Reebok’s Future Team (the brainiacs that developed the Cotton + Corn initiative.)

That’s why Reebok has created a plant-based shoe that will soon be available! But I think that this new achievement deserves a full article, which I will post soon.


Wolven – Yoga brand

No matter if you do yoga or not, if you are a leggings lover then you should check out this brand. They have different lines, if you are more of a one colour type then their “inspired by nature line” is your thing, but if you like the hippie vibe when it comes to your yoga outfit, they have it too. 

One thing that I really love about them is the fact that they do apparel for all shapes and sizes. They believe that sustainable clothing should be for everyone, that’s why they launched the “body love line” to create inclusivity and empower women of all sizes to feel comfortable, confident and looking cute while working out. 

But guys, when I talk about inclusivity I mean it, men are not left aside! 

But now let’s take a look at some hard facts, why should you consider this brand? 

  • They have partnered with Climate Neutral to address their carbon footprint, and they are implementing plans to reduce the emissions. 
  • They use recycled polyester to create Wolven legging. The brand is well aware of how much plastic is dumped in our oceans and beaches that’s why they use 27 bottles to create a pair of leggings. 
  • The packaging is also their concern, that’s why they use eco-friendly materials such as biodegradable paper boxes to create minimal and be as low-impact as possible. 

If you are a leggings lover and you wonder what brands are sustainable, checkout the article on Sustainable leggings. 

Let me know in the comments below which company you like the most and why? 

I wouldn’t be able to choose my favourite especially because I love doing all the different sports that the brands are focused on! 

8 thoughts on “Sustainable no matter what sports you do”

  1. This article solved my everlasting dilemma going into sports ware shops and asking the seller which shoes fit best for what purpose (running/gym/volleyball). THEY NEVER KNOW.
    But now I do! My next purchase will be targeted and well-informed thanks to you!

  2. Bruna Dominici Cricci

    Just got to know the website, and this is super useful information! I couldn’t agree more with the motivation of this website, our daily choices matter a lot, and we (as consumers) have to be more conscious about it as well.
    Thank you for all the information and motivation, can’t wait to the new content from this webpage.

    1. Omg Bruna thank you for leaving such beautiful comment. I am just so happy to see that you find so much value on my page and that you understand the goal I have, which is to provide people better and more sustainable alternatives.

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