Why Your Choice Matters

Your choice matters and your choice can make a difference, and no I am not just a dreamer. 

I am a big believer that the choices we make every single day, no matter if we are conscious or not can create a difference in an industry in the long term. 

Companies no matter how big or small they are, care more than ever about how their customers perceive them, the main reason shouldn’t be a surprise: the Internet!

But what does the internet have to do with if my choice matters or not? 

Well, everything! In the days before the internet, companies were not so customer orientated because they didn’t have so much competition. However, now that it is an open market, I can operate from a small town and deliver everywhere in the world, which makes the market way more competitive, in other words, it gives the power to the customer.

There is more to it, when there was no internet the word of mouth was just locally, but now it’s globally, where everybody can give reviews. 

All this means that we now not only have a local voice but with a simple tweet we can reach thousands of people, and that’s why companies care so much about bringing into the market what the customer wants. 

This means that if we start being more conscious and start buying products that are sustainable and ethical, companies will adapt to this. This is already happening but we still have a long way to go! The main issue now is that some companies started using this as a unique selling point, and I don’t think that sustainability should be that, on the contrary, it should be part of the ideology of every company! 

Hopefully, with my blog I can help you choose better fashion brands and apparel but at the end of the day, your choice is the one that matters.